Getting ready for Chinese New Year

A package arrived for us the other day. It was from Aunty Ellen in Hong Kong.

In the package were some Chinese outfits for us for the upcoming Chinese New Year.

Do you remember Mum stopping over in Hong Kong last October. She went in search of this man –

Mum brought Impostor to show this guy who makes dog clothes and sells them at a street stall in Kowloon.

But he didn’t have any Chinese style clothing then. So Mum’s friend, Aunty Ellen made a trip there last week just to see if he had any. She wanted us to have new clothes for the New Year – it is an important tradition

George looking so smart in his red outfit.
Mine is a little short …
I think George ended up with two outfits.

But fear not as Mum was prepared – she bought us some outfits when she was there – will reveal on Chinese New Year’s Eve at our “Family Dinner”

May’s comment: Thank you Ellen for their most adorable outfits. We are now all ready for the Year of the Golden Pig – a prosperous year!!!


  1. Liz Burman

    Darcy does my bum look big in this???

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