“Any publicity is good publicity”

Even when they are inaccurate and dated!

Our friend, Aurelie sent us this feature on CBBC’s online.

When you click on this link: https://www.bbc.co.uk/newsround/46878397you’ll see me featured as a “fur-ever travelling pet” …

However, they got the info from an article in the Daily Mail (April 13, 2015)


It was four years ago and we have been to more than just 11 countries! We’ve been to 20!!!

May’s comment: Looks like they found the Daily Mail article, but they never bothered to contact us to verify the information. But like they say, “all publicity is good publicity.”


  1. Daniel M Hall

    I’ve been in PR off and on since the 70s. Not all publicity is good publicity. That’s for for sure. You should try to control PR–humans and pets. Unfortunately you can’t be in contact with journalists 24/7. Vinyl sales in 2019!

  2. You’re right, all Publicity is good publicity and what a lovely story.
    Do you follow Rocky the traveller – he’s so like you and I think you’d get on very well!

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