Platz mein Schatz!

We went to the best shop in the whole wide world!

Whenever we come to Düsseldorf, the Dogs’ Deli is a must-go-to place!!!There was a dog inside and of course he barked at us when we entered. He was, of course being territorial but we ignored him.He soon left and we had all the attention from the kind lady who runs the shop.But I was in search of something …I know it is in there …

AHA!!!! Give me! Give me! Give me!

But the kind lady did give us both treats – when we said please! Picture credit: Dog’s Deli.

You ask why do we love the shop? LOL!

Mummy bought us a new blanket that says – “Platz mein Schatz” which means “Sit, my darling!” –And so we sat! 🙂

Are cats welcome here too? But cats don’t usually go shopping!

We left with a bag of goodies!!!!From our most favourite shop in the whole wide world!!!  Have you noticed our Equafleeces matches the shop’s colour? 🙂We said goodbye and the shop lady asked when we will be back. Good question!

May’s comment: Love this shop. So many things to look at, not the run of the mill. Knew of them the first time I brought Darcy to Düsseldorf. It was a bakery then. Now its a shop with lots of the treats that they make and all sorts of interesting things.And just interesting things to look at.



  1. Wendy Hadaway

    I am often in Düsseldorf on business so I shall definitely have to try and find this shop. Alfie will be even happier when I arrive home if I come bearing gifts ?

  2. Sara Cormack

    Your dogs have such a wonderful air of insouciance!

  3. Cheryl

    Darcy and George have been so good this whole trip, they certainly deserve some treats and shopping!
    Continue safe travels!

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