Gianormous ring of stones

We took a drive out of London to meet Jaffa and her family – to visit Stonehenge.

First stop – LUXURY ICE CREAM van!

While we could go into the venue, we weren’t allowed on the bus that took visitors to the “ring of stones.” The kiddies went on the bus but we had to walk.

Jaffa and Mini walking along with their mum.

First along the road leading to the “ring of stones”

But we soon wandered into the fields …

Mum held on tight – not because there were cows but she made sure we were nowhere near the cow dung along the path. LOL!

It was a very long 35 minute walk in the sun before we finally arrived at the prehistoric monument …

As expected, we were only allowed at the outer ring of the circumference.

But the kiddies were allowed to go closer.

So why were they there? And how were these gianormous stones, the largest being 9 meters tall standing in a concentric ring constructed more than 4000 – 5000 years ago? All very mysterious.

After a photo op –

Me, Mum, George, Mini, Camilla – but where was Jaffa?!?!?

We took the same path back to the car.

This time with the kiddies.

Mini Tyke running with George

Mum said now she can tick Stonehenge off the list we must do.

May’s comment: Somewhere I’ve been meaning to go to but never seem to have found the time. So on our way to Loose Reins in Dorset, we thought to stop by Stonehenge to finally tick it off the list.

They allow dogs – some what. Since a year ago, they no longer allow anyone near the stones. There’s a barrier around it and an even wider circumference where humans with dogs can walk around.

This was the best photo of the day!

Happy kids!


  1. Jill Keiser

    So neat to revisit Stonehenge through your visit with Miss Darcy, George, and the kids!

  2. Peter & Jan James

    Have a lovely time Glamping.
    We are not far away from you at Broadstone near Poole

  3. Clare

    I remember the long walk and cow pats, we had to be in the next field a couple of years ago, not very dog friendly for an outdoor attraction.

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