Wimbledon Weekend

It’s that weekend in the year that says it is truly now the English summer.

Ascot and Glastonbury have come and gone. The past two weeks have been a lot of tennis on telly. Mum was hoping to take Little Tyke to experience Wimbledon but when she didn’t manage to secure any tickets, she thought to take all of us to Wimbledon Village to soak in the atmosphere at Middle Sunday when there was no play – and therefore Wimbledon High Street wouldn’t be crowded.

We wore our Polo Tennis Whites with our Wimbledon armbands. And our our Wimbledon-themed Hindquarters leads and collars – ready for a photo-op.

Little Tyke even wore his Wimbledon shirt

We took the opportunity to have Sunday Roast at Rose & Crown – a pub in Wimbledon Village.

We hadn’t realised that at Rose and Crown, there was a “Walk of Fame” …

Yay! There’s Roger Federer – wishing him much luck …

But we also like Djokovic!

So it will be an easy Wimbledon Finals to watch – Mum won’t be nail-biting. She’s a fan of both but maybe Federer has the edge – because it would be nice to see him beat his own record.

Er, Little Tyke …

Got to work on that backhand.

We would of course have cheered on Andy Murray – but glad to have him back.

After our Sunday Roast

We walked on towards the Home of Tennis …

On Middle Sunday, visitors are allowed into the museum and shop – but not pooches. This was as far as we could go.

May’s comments: Wanted to take Sasha to Wimbledon but those corporate days of Centre Court tickets are long gone. Since those days, I’ve only managed to win the lottery of tickets once when I remembered to enter for the draw, but lucky to have won a draw when I was once a tennis club member. And then paid silly money for a debenture ticket. So maybe there were good things about that corporate world malarkey! LOL!

But maybe it will be just as fun for Sasha if we attempt to queue for ticket returns or just to enter the grounds to enjoy the atmosphere.

The Championships has always been my favourite tennis tournament – the traditions of blazers, tennis whites and impeccably manicured green courts, the strawberries and cream (not so much the Pimms), watching the Royal Box. And when the sun is out – it’s a party! A refined garden party of green lawns!

No dogs allowed of course – they would be running after all the tennis balls! So even on Middle Sunday, this was the closest we got to Centre Court.

And as mentioned earlier, this will not be a nail-biting men’s finals. Like them both. So will sit back and enjoy some brilliant tennis on a Summer Sunday afternoon.


  1. Cheryl

    Wimbledon certainly is an amazing spectacle, so much to see and experience!
    I can’t get over how much Little Tyke and Mini Tyke have grown! They look so grown up now! Enjoy your time with them!

  2. Angela Randall

    Lovely pictures as always.

  3. Jillian Cockerill

    Ohh we love you all, did you know that the word Tykes refers to people from Yorkshire ?
    Looking at that Yorkshire pudding reminded my hubby.
    Love your outfits Darcy n George , and how lovely are the Tykes xxx

    • Miss Darcy

      Oh we didn’t know that. We need a new names for Little Tyke – he’s not so little any more.

  4. Jillian Cockerill

    Oh no little tyke is the best name..I didn’t know until just now because I am actually a Scouser married to a Yorkshire man and living in Yorkshire.
    Thought the local cafe called Tykes was about kids …for the whole time I’ve lives here…15 years lol !@

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