Glow in the dark

Mummy found a solution to one of George’s naughty tricks.

While he has learnt recall, the old side of him kicks in each time when we are out in the park. When he sees something in the distance that peaks his curiosity, he takes off.  He loves going into the under bushes – often behind fenced in areas.  He is so dinky and dark that it is hard to find him in the midst of the undergrowth.

Enough is enough, says Mummy as she came up with an idea.

She spoke to the nice lady at Equafleece the other day. She wanted to know how bright is the fluorescent yellow Equafleece!!!  Bright is the answer!!! LOL!IMG_3920Well, we sure won’t lose him in this! He’ll be like a lightning bug running across vast fields and scurrying around in the bushes.  At his speed he deserves the yellow jersey.

The other issue – he rolls in fox poo. But I told Mummy – you can’t stop him from being a dog. The good thing is now that he has two Equafleeces – when he rolls in one, it goes into the laundry and he can wear the other. And besides, the fluorescent yellow will also show up the fox poo really well – no need to get a whiff of it. 🙂

May’s comment: Not our look but till he can be relied on and the days stay lighter longer, we’ll just have to live with it.IMG_3912



  1. julie McEvilly

    May haven’t you got a rain coat to match?

  2. Margaret Danks

    Oh George,, as soon as you learn good recall and stop hiding from mummy you can go back to your lovely stylish coats. Promise. X

  3. Lee-Anne

    Darcy, your little brother almost looks like Superhero in the striking yellow. Maybe he could be “Lightening Strike” – the super fast dog that goes where normal dog dont dare run. Alfie and I love reading your blog by the way. Alfie send licks and hugs from Australia.

  4. Laura cordovano

    Well the squirrels will see him coming a mile away. Excellent solution May. I remember when Gus used to go under the brush up our hill and I couldn’t get to him or see him. What an awful feeling that is. Brilliant idea to go with the neon. I think he looks cool. Like a real sports dog!

  5. Miami Malteses

    What’s gonna happen in the summertime when it’s too warm for the coats? Maybe he can get a glow in the dark monokini!

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