Go Tell It To The Mountain

After Father Christmas told us he didn’t want doggies in his “residence” … we were at first really disheartened.Mummy had woken up early this Saturday morning, we put on our Christmas jumpers and made our way to “Father Christmas in Residence” – ticket in hand, we were there early.  Mummy had written to them to be sure dogs were allowed in – but there was no response so we assumed the best.

Then they told us in no uncertain terms dogs are not allowed. Mummy said – all we needed was 2 minutes to take a photo with the bearded man in red but they wanted nothing to do with us.  🙁

Thank goodness the venue was right across the road from Peggy Porschen Cakes.  That was enough to lift Mummy’s spirit – a red velvet cupcake will always make things better.

And to make us feel better, we stopped at our favourite shop – Mungo & Maud – Mummy bought us some treats and then she found our Christmas presents. She couldn’t figure out what presents to get us and then she saw these pretty bowls!  OK. Really, I think those bowls are for Mummy. We don’t mind what we eat from – as long as there’s food in them.

We walked from there to Richard Ward.  Mummy had a hair appointment.  And we always feel loved and welcomed there there –from the moment we arrived.

We ran up the stairs in excitement to meet all the staff who loved seeing us.We couldn’t wait to show them our Christmas jumpers.They gave us treatsTook photos of us – they follow us on Instagram.And fussed as we left.Mummy’s friend, Lisa heard about our “rejection” and invited us over for a cup of tea to keep warm.

Mac and Maisy were happy for us to go out in their backyard for a little run around after pounding the pavement from shop to shop.After a bit of nattering, it was time to go home.  On our way to the car, we heard music being played by The Salvation Army band on Sloane Square – and crossed the road to listen to them playing Christmas Carols.

We listened to various carols and then this one – Go Tell It To The Mountains –

and was reminded that Christmas isn’t all about a big fat bearded man dressed in red.  That helped us to put things in perspective and remember why we celebrate Christmas.

Mummy said we will go to church tomorrow evening for a Candlelight Carol Service and sing Christmas carols instead.

May’s comment:  From disappointment that the organisers of “Father Christmas in Residence” for not letting us take a photo with the bearded man in red, then to hear the Salvation Army play a Christmas Carol that reminded us why we celebrate Christmas – it is all good.  Well, we’ll look forward to Christmas Carols by Candlelight at church tomorrow evening.

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