Four star rating for Paddington 2

We woke up to sleet which then turned to white flakes dancing in the air!  The weather wasn’t promising for the rest of the day. In fact the weather outside was frightful – so we were only too pleased we were going to the movies!We went to Picture House Central for a dog-friendly showing of Paddington 2.Hurry up, Mummy – let’s go get our seats!Look, pooches everywhere!Let’s go into Screen 1.Ah, look, our friend Hugo!Let’s sit next to Hugo.  And everywhere we looked, there were doggies everywhere Rusty had some pup-corn!And so did we!I’ve been to the movies once before but this was a first time for George.  He wasn’t so sure what to expect.

Is it going to be a scary movie, Darcy?” he asked.

No, Georgie, it’s a movie about a bear called Paddington who always seem to get things wrong. And with the reassurance, he sat and watched the trailers.“Hmmm. We would like to watch that one,” he said to Mummy.

I know this much, Mummy was glad to have George on her lap because there were parts when Paddington was so sad, she was shedding a tear or two and she held George tightly. 🙂

After the movie, we stopped to have a little snack at Central Cafe which is downstairs in the lobby.We were chatting about the movie – Mummy loved it! I honestly, fell fast asleep.  George watched some of it and then he wanted his tummy rubbed before he fell asleep too. :).

Only too glad to go to the movies with Mummy.  I know she enjoyed it more because she watched it with us.

May’s comment: Ever so often Picture House Central has dog-friendly showings.  Some people said with a snigger – Really, the dogs will be watching the movie?  They’ve totally missed the point.  These events are no different to screenings for parents/mothers with young children – this way they can go to the movies and no need to pay for babysitters. That way when the babies cry and toddlers speak loudly, everyone else in the audience is understanding.  With these dog-friendly showings, we humans who prefer to do things with our dogs are with like-minded people.  So grateful to  Picture House Central for organising them. And no one in the audience would mind if any of the dogs barked or howled.

We were sitting in the row where dogs walked past and of course George, the bouncer barked at each of them! Argh! The terrier in him!  Mostly the dogs were amazingly well-behaved. They all sat on their blanket covered chair and mostly went to sleep. The noise didn’t bother them one bit. Darcy got down to stretch her legs and changed position – so she could sit at my feet. I held onto terrier/terror George the whole time while he watched some parts of the movie 🙂before he settled down and fell asleep on my lap

I also realised why they were “sold out” – I think they capped it at the number of blankets they had available.  For consideration of others, we are given a blanket to put over the chairs where the dogs sat.  They could have sold quite a few more seats as I know many have tried.

Can’t wait for the next one – thank you once again, Picturehouse Central for being so accommodating for us.


  1. Rusty and Martine

    Love it so did Rusty!

  2. Sian

    The most photogenic dogs ever!! So adorable!

  3. Selena Ellis

    Gosh you got this up quick today! Really enjoyable to be able to see a film with our two dogs today. How can we encourage Picturehouse to keep this running and also for other London organisations to think along similar lines?

    • Miss Darcy

      Picturehouse Central does this every few weeks – we have to look out for them – hard to find.
      At the beginning they showed artsy films about dogs which I really didn’t care about – I just wanted to go to the movies with my dogs.
      And I told them so – please show block busters and I will be there with my pooches.
      I so enjoyed it today!

  4. donna

    so fun to see you all with your best pals at the movies. wish we could do that here in the US. Maybe a retriever is too much to ask? ….

  5. Kathy Shoulders

    I think it is wonderful how dog friendly it is where you live! I wish America was more more like it. I look so forward to your adventures

  6. Lisa

    Great to meet you, Darcy and George. Berkeley really enjoyed the film – so did we! A lovely start to Christmas! 🐶🎄

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