Going for a walk

We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE our new notecards.

Now we want to send everyone a card!

Well, I guess you can say something came out of this lockdown.

Mum has a few goals to complete but she gets distracted … ALOT!

She has always loved all the whimsical illustrations by Alice and the problem is there is no more space on our gallery wall for another piece of artwork.

And then there was a AHA moment.

Let’s make lovely notecards instead of boring ones!

This has always been a favourite photo of the three of us

Indre of @amarcordphotography took this for her book – Bonds

And Mum thought to incorporate all these elements into the card.

And voila!

Illustrated by @dogsdogscatdogs

Mum can’t wait to be sending notes … whenever possible! LOL!

May’s comment: Been entertaining the thought of having Alice do something for us. In between doing Lockdown goals, I suddenly had the idea.

We discussed and then I sent our all-time favourite photo of the three of us. I sent Alice a photo of the dress and shoes but I never expected it to come back so beautifully detailed.

I had wanted notecard with a our postcode. Though there isn’t a house like that on our street, it is very Chelsea. But with illustrations – everything is possible! LOL!

I wanted to feature our regular Hindquarters leads and collars – and the colours needed to go with the picture.

Now we’ve ended up with the best notecard we’ve ever had! With skinny me! LOL!

Thank you Alice!!!! Now, what do we do next?


  1. Cheryl

    Absolutely fabulous! Everything about this notecard is perfection! I would frame it!
    Oh, and May don’t let Darcy’s comment about being easily distracted, you have many friends with you in that boat! 🤪

  2. Sandy Wirth

    I recognized the provenance of that dress immediately! That’s one of my favorite of your Christmas cards. Such adorable notecards!! Great idea. Miss you. Let’s do a zoom soon if you can fit it in between projects and walks!

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