How are you?

We’ve finished seven weeks of official lockdown and we’re not done yet, says the Prime Minister.

So how have you been?

As you can see, we’re sporting the Lockdown Shaggy Look! We saw this mural on our walk along King’s Road – we walked along that part of King’s Road for the first time on Saturday because Matcha & Beyond had reopened for take outs.

We headed across the street and sat in the square so Mum could drink her Matcha.

A bit of normality

Mum gave us a bath a few times …

That’s the cocker in me!

She also finds the time to take photos of us at every stage!

Spaghetti look!

And yes, I am very floofy!

And little George!

The night after Mum washed him, he threw up bile – and he was stinky-poo! So he had another wash!
George loves the pampering!

She hasn’t attempted to groom us except for our tails. They are beautifully trimmed – that’s the only thing Mum dared to cut.

And every night when she sits down to watch the news briefing, we get a brush down. That’s us reporting from Lockdown.

As for Mum, I don’t think she got very far with her Lockdown Goals.

May’s comment: There are four things I wanted to achieve during Lockdown –

Write – Yup! Been doing that but not fast enough. Thank goodness for ongoing relaxed lockdown. There’s still have time to finish what was already due without any social obligations for another few weeks.

Get healthy and fit – I started jogging the first three weeks and everything started to ache, especially the knees, and hamstrings and glutes. I quickly decided it wasn’t a good idea to get injured during this pandemic. And so did the papers! Reports about ‘Couch to 5K‘ runners are creating an epidemic of knee injuries. So I stopped and decided to do power walks instead. Also working at the PPE production line meant I was on my feet for about five hours each day. I justified that with not having to do more exercise! LOL!

Teach Darcy some new tricks – we started well but once I went to volunteer that went out the window. She has managed to learn three new things but not yet perfected them.

This is the towel roll trick from week 1 …

Learn to use the camera – well, it hasn’t made an appearance yet! Still in the bag! LOL!

I realised maybe I should focus on one thing at a time and after I finish my writing project, I will reward myself with learning to use the camera.

Over the last two months, sometimes I get memory flashes of places I have been and then I think, ‘yeah, they’re alright’. No need to go back.

Or sometimes I think of all the trips I had cancelled and I look forward to going there – but cautiously. It’s not a given that I would be rushing out the door once lockdown is lifted because I think in general, we have all become a lot more cautious.

I am not sure I will be back on London buses any time soon. We hardly take the tube except when coming back from the airport. And even taxis – I guess I will be judiciously washing and sanitising hands if I do.

I would hesitate to do cash transactions – in fact I haven’t seen money in the last two months.

I will want to wear a mask when I go into shops but probably not when I am outside walking the dogs. We’ve taken to walking on the road whenever there are one too many other person on the sidewalk. It will be strange to have to watch out for cars when we step onto the road – LOL!

That is what would have changed when we finally relax the lockdown.

2020 seems like a write-off. In a way this marathon of a pandemic has really put a stop to all our hurried and busy lives. The first half of our 2020 was filled with travel plans – almost non-stop all the way till June. Well, the places we were going will still be there when we can travel again.

And missing a birthday trip I have all come to realise is no big deal. It’s all a fabricated celebration. What I have enjoyed so much during the lockdown is being able to speak to friends – anywhere in the world – and they all have time, they are all at home and thankfully, they are all healthy.

But I know the one thing I will miss more than anything is not having Sasha and Skye here for the summer. I was so looking forward to seeing them.

So we have a few more weeks of this lockdown. I am fully aware it could be difficult for a lot of people, but I treasure these times of solitude and want to make the most of it. So I endeavour not to waste any more time playing games on my phone, as there’s still the tax return, the filing and the clearing out of cupboards still to do!

Please stay safe and stay loving!

Darcy has a funny curl over her right eye that it keeps falling over!


  1. Cheryl

    Take heart, all our chores and things we said we’d do will still be here when the lockdown is over. I think we need to take care of ourselves, mentally as well as physically.
    I would love to see all your blogs, missives and such turned into a book, you are an amazing writer and take wonderful pictures to accompany your writings.
    Take care, be well.

  2. Margot Lisa Grisedale

    Loved this blog from the minute I began to read it.
    Please compile it and create a book .. if I may take the liberty of suggesting a percentage of all profits to our wonderful NHS … Stay safe until we all do indeed meet again ❤️🙏🏻🇬🇧

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