We’re off to see different things …

We’re going off in different directions again as Mummy’s not able to do walks with us for a while.  So she thought it was better for us to go and have fun.

Olivia, our new dog-walker came to take George for a walk – his first time with OliviaIMG_4582 and then he was going off with Jaffa to the countryIMG_3291 – and the family during their half-term break.IMG_3288Lots of country walks and open fields to run, Georgie – not many bushes nor squirrels in the open fields.IMG_3289As for me, a little different this time. Mummy’s friend, Mairi asked if she could take me as it’s been a long while since we had spent time together – IMG_4660and since it is also her birthday – she was getting a special treat spending time with me!!!  IMG_4661 IMG_4662She’s taking me to her home for a long weekend.

When I come back, I’m going to stay with Stan the Man! IMG_3935I think we’re going to have lots of fun! A garden to play in IMG_3940and park walks every day with Stanley, and lots of treats and cuddles with Annie.IMG_3937Gotta go! Report back later!

May’s comment: So thankful for friends who love having my pooches.

George is really easy to pass on because not only is he small, he really is a good dog except for his squirrelling. He is so good with kids and he’s sociable with other dogs.

Darcy, takes someone who understands cockapoos and can manage a medium size dog. She’s mostly good-natured and calm but she doesn’t really like noisy kids. And she goes berserk with German Shepherds. She too loves to run and squirrel but she comes back unlike the little rat!

As for me, I’ll make believe I’m on holiday, watch lots of movies (there is James Bond next week!) and write more blogs and dream up home interiors!


  1. Karen

    Hope you feel better soon & the food is more vacation than NHS! Sending healing thoughts so you all get to be together soon xxx

  2. Christine

    Hope you get well soon, how good to have friends that love your dogs.

  3. Get well soon so you can have fun times with your beautiful and very lucky dogs! x

  4. margaret danks

    Hope all went welll for you May. You’re much better off without it! The furries will be fine till you’re bavk on your feet. Take care.

  5. Neyra

    Heal quickly, heal well. Take care

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