Sniffing out a new career … truffles?

Last week, in one of her “last hamburger, last fatty food diet” mode, Mummy took me to lunch at our favourite Italian restaurant – Lucio!

It’s truffle season – and she thought a good way to celebrate before going in to the hospital.

I know they have tons of grissinis (Italian bread sticks) and I get to eat at least a pack each time when I put my nose on Mummy’s lap.IMG_4596Mummy ordered the taglolini with truffle.  And along came Lucio himself as he shaved a generous portion of truffles onto the pastaIMG_4598 More, more is what Mummy was thinking …IMG_4600Oooh! That smells interesting …
IMG_4603 Mr. Lucio wondered if I would like some truffles …IMG_4610Note that he’s a little cautious and made sure I did’t lunge forward and gobbled up the whole piece! LOL!

He wanted to know if I would like them …IMG_4613He shaved some of it into his hand to let me smellIMG_4614And then see if I would like themIMG_4615And I proceeded to lick every bit from his hand.

So much so that on the way out, my little sniffer could smell the box of truffles behind the counter.IMG_4627And Yaca realised what I was after!  IMG_4628She took me to the box of truffles behind the counterIMG_4629Mummy’s all excited now – all it took was one try and I could smell truffles – she thinks I may have a career in the making.  For one, we’re faster than the pigs!!!  And after all, poodles and cockers are both hunting dogs so I have good genes!

And this is Dario – he’s the son of Mr. and Mrs Lucio (not their family name) and he’s the daddy of Coco.IMG_4624Coco is the resident poo – he greets everyone that comes, especially the doggies.IMG_3808And gets all the loving from everyone. IMG_3816My sniffer is obviously working because after the truffles, I could smell Coco’s treats!IMG_4632May’s comment: Just in case I missed out on the truffle season, took myself and Darcy to our favourite Italian restaurant Lucio.IMG_4633Always such a dog-friendly restaurant – never ever feel uncomfortable going in there.

In fact I found out it was dog-friendly by accident. We were walking along Fulham Road one Summer’s day – it was a warm day when Lucio spotted us and said – your dog need a drink and he hurried away to get a bowl of water for Darcy. It was only then that I found out they are dog friendly.  And the food – delizioso!!!!

Owner Lucio Altana is the “perfect host” at his “romantic” namesake Chelsea venue, a “happy find” for “quality” Italian cuisine; though some wish for “more menu creativity” …

Lucio’s address: 257-259 Fulham Road

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