Dining with Diesel in Manchester

Mummy and I took a trip to Manchester on Saturday to meet Diesel and his family.

At Euston station on a Saturday morning, you’d think it would be less frenetic than a week day.img_5584Alas, not! In fact there were more police around than usual –img_5585We found out there’s a Derby football match in Manchester! That explained it.img_5588Mummy likes for me to stand in between her legs while we wait for the gate to be announced so I won’t be stepped on by passengers hurrying by.

When the train platform was announced, there was a great surge of people. We went with the flow, found our seat and settled for our two-hour journey before we arrived at very busy Manchester Piccadilly station. The footie fans have arrived.

We scanned to find another cockapoo but instead people came up to us and asked if I am a “cockapoo” because they have one at home! 🙂  Before Mummy could see them, from the corner of my vision (dogs have more like a 270 degree vision!) I saw a black dog bigger than me coming my way. As I always do, I barked at the “big” black dog. But it turned out to be someone Mummy knew. Even then, I was too embarrassed to back down from my initial reaction, so I kept on being vocal. It was Diesel. Although I have this thing about big black dogs, I usually know when it is another cockapoo. So Mummy was a little baffled. Never mind, I did not behave well.

I was introduced to Diesel’s family – img_5644Daddy Ian who is the “giver of treats”img_5609Mummy Dawn who gave us food from the table!!!!

And this is Lauren  – img_5661and yes, she gave me some of her hamburger too!
And Eve who can’t get her hands off me!img_5662After a little run in the park with Diesel, img_5592Darn! He’s fast! img_5591Or have I slowed down?img_5593Then we went about doing our own thing. Diesel found a sock while I ate grass.img_5595After my initial reaction to Diesel, I soon realised he’s a friend.  I am sorry I barked at you, Diesel. img_5597We were soon sitting for treats togetherimg_5605I was asking politely … Please?
img_5598Hey! Diesel, you get down, it’s my turn for treats!img_5656After a quick run in the park, we went to have lunch at Bluu, a dog-friendly restaurant in the northern quarters of Manchester.
img_5630Diesel loves ice-cream apparently.
img_5617And I love everything! img_5607Lovely to have met you Diesel. I think we’re friends now, but don’t come sniffing at my private parts, ok?

Soon it was time to go. We’ve hardly seen much of Manchester. img_5650As we walked to the train station, we got to see some of the city’s street art!

May’s comment: Over the past year and a half, many of us got to know Izzy’s owners as they continued to keep up the awareness of Izzy.  Though Izzy wasn’t with us, we thought a lot about her as she was the reason that brought us together.

The family had chosen to keep quiet about getting Diesel for many reasons and it took them awhile before they shared their new love with the rest of us.  I completely understand why but this is in Dawn’s own words:

“Before Izzy went missing we had decided to get another Cockapoo, a sibling for Izzy…..however when she went missing we decided not too…….a lot of people have been saying to us for some time now that maybe we could give another dog a home whilst we’re still searching for Izzy….someone to help heal……the girls didn’t want another dog as they said it hurt too much, but this worried me that they had closed their hearts completely…..I explained that we have lost loved ones close to us and whilst We still miss every one of them, We would never have given up the chance of knowing and loving them….so eventually we decided to get another Cockapoo but a boy and completely different in looks to Izzy as I couldn’t cope with that…..we got him a few months ago but have kept him secret as I’m terrified of whoever has Izzy thinking they can keep her and also to be honest I think I am scared of the people thinking that I’m trying to replace her, which is something I could not and would not ever do….I thought he would help take the pain away but he doesn’t….only Izzy can do that by coming home…..she’s my baby girl and he’s my baby boy, they both have their own special places in our hearts……He does help us smile and laugh again though and he is so different to Izzy in personality and I would not be without him as I hope one day to be back with Izzy too…..This does not mean we are giving up, we will never do that and will always carry on the search for our Izzy, we just have a furbaby to keep us company as we do……I hope you all can understand, this wasn’t an easy decision for us at all….but it is one that I think was right for our family and for our girls…..and we hope you will still support us as we continue our search for Izzy because you have been a great strength to us through all of this…..We really thank and need you all so much still xxx”

It is an honour to meet you, Diesel. You sure made me smile. You are gorgeous and very funny!!!
14256821_10210881042448362_2088227970_nYou have helped to keep your family on their toes while their heart still aches for Izzy – whom we hope you will meet some day soon.  And whom I would love to give a big hug as well.

And of course, we were delighted to have met the whole family.img_5642And while in Manchester, we had to find a dog-friendly restaurant to go to whilst there.  There are quite a few – Dog friendly restaurants in Manchester, and I am sure there are a few more. Newspaper articles always just do the token gesture of listing a few.

We went to Bluu, which serves seasonal British food from an open kitchen, plus a basement lounge-bar.
Blue is at Smithfield Market Buildings, Thomas St, Manchester M4 1BDimg_5612

All that said and done, we will never forget Izzy. For those who do not know about Izzy, she went missing on the 16.02.2015.  Someone knows where she is – and we are praying for a miracle. That she will come home to meet Diesel – soon. xxx13686708_1627872257524066_4293815867633661519_n


  1. Theresa bashford

    Such a lovely story, l wish with all my heart that Izzy will be returned to Dawn and her lovely family. Miss Darcy is really beautiful. X

  2. Ian

    It was a pleasure to meet you darcy and your mummy. We had a lovely afternoon which went all too quickly. Hope to do it again soon maybe in your neck of the woods.

    • Miss Darcy

      Absolutely Ian and family. Please come and join us at our Cockapoo meets. Everyone would love to meet you.

  3. Cecilia

    I’m glad the family is now able to share their love for Izzy with Diesel, and I hope one day Izzy would be united with her beloved family!

  4. Margaret Danks

    We will share and share and share till Izzy is home again.

  5. Tracey Juggins

    Aaarrhhh what a beautiful story,the furry ones sure looked like they had fun.Both are real beauts.Followed n shared Izzy’s story since near the start,everyone has to do what’s right for there family.Pray that Izzy is safely reunited with her family n meet Diesel real soon X

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