In a New York state of mind

We walked past a newly established eatery near us –  B Bagel Bakery Bar and immediately New York comes to mind.img_5742Bagels in the window! That’s not a usual sight in London.img_5744 We stopped to ask our now very obvious question, “Are dogs allowed inside?img_5711They waved us in.  YES!!! Another breakfast destination for Mummy besides Gail’s, Oree, Juice Baby and the cafe at LOMAX.  This one not exactly healthy but something a little different from the usual.

We ordered at the counter – took Mummy awhile to figure out a new menu.img_5718 Bagels, bagels, bagelsimg_5748 Selling out fast!img_5719We sat at the bar counter as the place was packed when we went in!img_5706 When the breakfast crowd made way for the lunch crowd, we looked around at the restaurant and loving the messages on the wall.img_5716Breakfast arrived! Mummy was pretty pleased. A platter of smoked salmon, cream cheese, eggs and bagel – with a healthy addition of avocado and some salad. And a berry smoothie to go with it. It reminded her of her New York days.img_5707 Mummy opted for the onion bagel!img_5714 May’s comment: A welcome change of scene. A “New York” optionimg_5713 And a dog-friendly place! img_5711We like the messages on the wall – they are living up to it!

 B Bagel Bakery Bar – 236D Fulham Rd, London SW10 9NB


  1. Daniel Hall

    There is another new bagel/pastry place opening near me on NYC’s upper west side. Maybe someday they also will be very plentiful across the pond. Darcy, what did you get to eat?

  2. Jane Groothuis

    May, since you’ve lived in NYC, you must know bagels never taste the same when they’re made anywhere else. And I mean anywhere, even in other parts of NewYork State, certainly not in other areas of the US. There’s simply nothing like a NY bagel, they say it’s the water here that makes them taste so exceptional. When I visit friends from NY now living elsewhere, I always stop at the bagel store en route to the airport, since that’s all they want me to bring.

    I must say the bagels in the shop you found look exactly right, though

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