Goodnight Belle Belles

Bella was our chocolate labradoodle friend who lived in Washington D.C. with her family.

Freya, Bella, Claudia and Timothy in 2014

Mum met Bella in Washington DC when she was about three.

Of course she went to Sprinkles with Bella.

And the next time George was with her and he met Bella.

And even Impostor met Bella.

That’s how big Bella was in comparison to me.

But I never got to meet Bella. Sadly, she passed away about two weeks ago after another extended seizure.

Bella started having epileptic seizures from when she was about four. Prescribed medication managed to keep it as much under control as possible.

Through her sporadic attacks, she lived a life of love.

Her hooman sisters Freya

and Claudia adored Bella.

Bella was always there for her daddy. Every day she waited for Robert to come home.

They sat and watched telly together in the evenings and before anyone awoke, they went for early morning walks.

Robert cooked for her and made sure she went everywhere with them during the day for a change of scene. And she was always by his feet.

She was daddy’s girl.

But those epileptic seizures never stopped. They kept coming and got stronger. A couple of months ago, Bella had a drawn out attack. The family thought they had lost her then but after a night at the vet, the next day she bounced right back.

She did things as she had always done – sitting outside on the porch watching the world go by,

Going for walks and playing with her best mate, Teddy.

She had a carefree two months.

Then one late evening about two weeks ago Bella suffered another seizure. The whole family was at home, already upstairs in bed when they heard her thrashing around in the family room. They all went down and gathered around her, maybe knowing in their hearts that this might be the end.

They lifted her tensed body out to the garden and her hooman sister, Freya held her and kept saying, “It’s ok, Belle-Belles, it’s ok.” And as Bella’s body calmed and seemed to be coming out of that seizure, Freya felt her heart gave up. Her body could fight no more. She passed in her sister’s arms, surrounded by her family.

Good night Bella. Rest in peace and run freely at Rainbow Bridge. You have left a big hole in the heart of those who loved you.

7th September 2011 -2nd July 2019

May’s comment: I feel privileged to have met you a few times, Bella. I wished Darcy and I had been to visit you when we were in NYC earlier in the year. As it always seems, in the last years, my regrets have always been – I didn’t have time. For that, I am sorry.

For the Moore family, we send our love, big hugs and we share your tears. It had not been easy watching Bella suffer the past four years. There will be moments when it will suddenly occur to you that there’s no Bella sitting outside on the front porch, her playing with her toys in the back garden, or just the sight of her sitting by the front door waiting for her daddy.

Darcy and Bella entered our families the same year. She was only about seven months younger than Darcy. When Liz told me of Bella’s passing, that night in bed, I gave Darcy and George an extra long hug and grateful that they are healthy despite all of George’s mishaps. We never know what lies in store for us. It seems it is the luck of the draw. And it is usually sad news that reminds us of what is important.


  1. Cheryl

    Please pass along my condolences, I am so sorry for their heartache! I hope their wonderful memories help ease the pain of their grief. I didn’t know Bella personally, she seems like she was so sweet and lovable.

  2. Jill Keiser

    Very sorry for the family that Bella had to leave at such a young age. At Rainbow Bridge she will realize how much she was loved and will enjoy her life with the other animals waiting to be reunited with their hoomans!

  3. Valerie

    May…you have such a knack weaving a story! I have a Bella. She is a Labradoodle. Bella will be 8 years old November 1. By the end of your post, I was in tears. Pups. They do leave such a big hole in our hearts and homes. Not right away, of course, but as time goes by, praying for Bella Moore’s Family to remember her with smiles and not so many tears.

  4. Marilyn

    So very sorry for your loss but i hope in time you all heel from your heartache of loosing your beautiful Bella. It took me about 3 years of crying most days at some point when i lost my best friend Travis. I didn’t think a day would ever come when i would not cry but eventually it did and at last i could just think of the good times. I hope this happens for you all. I now have a poo Jake and he has seizures and every time he does i wonder if i will loose him but i didn’t actually know the heart could give up so i am now beside myself with worry. God bless you all and run free beautiful Bella. ❤️❤️

  5. Alison Mullett

    Please pass my sympathies to Bella’s family. She’s clearly left an enormous hole in their family. RIP Bella; run free at Rainbow Bridge 😢

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