Lavender Blue Dilly-dilly

As we arrived at Mayfield Lavender Farm, we couldn’t believe what we saw. No need to go to France, the sea of lavender was stunning and their fragrance was intoxicating!

We hurried along … couldn’t wait to get into the midst of it all! But –



the Lavender

Hi MUM! I see you!

Two poos in a sea of purple …

And don’t forget to call home when you’re there.

We were three happy pups in these lavender fields.

Though we were a little wary of the bees!

But we still couldn’t resist posing for photos.

It was just stunningly beautiful!

May’s comment: I had seen beautiful photos of Mayfield Lavender last year but my lack of driving confidence never got us there. But this year, everyone and every body especially Instagrammers seem to have caught on and there are loads of photos of dogs in lavender fields! And I don’t blame them for making the trip to Banstead – about 45 minutes outside of London – it was stunning!.

It’s a sea of purple/blue. The air was wafting with the sweet smell of lavender.

You cannot pick the lavender in the fields but you can buy them at the shop.

And no picnics allowed. Thank goodness! Can you imagine all the litter otherwise or people sitting down in the middle of the fields?!?!!?!??!

But you can have a snack, afternoon tea …

And all things lavender!

Lavender macaron

The lavender are in full bloom now. Avoid weekends and even during the weekdays, go early. Lots of tourists, social media posers and anyone who loves lavender! Dogs on leads and good dogs even allowed on the tractor ride.


  1. Daniel M Hall

    Wow! Beautiful flowers/place. Great photos of you, the flowers, and the dogs. I am so glad you showed/wrote about the place. I intend to order some of its products. I haven’t heard of any similar place in the U.S. The founder’s persistence definitely paid off.


  2. Cheryl

    That is absolutely beautiful! This is one time I wish the Internet had “smellovision”! I bet the aroma is wonderful, almost intoxicating!
    Darcy, watch out for the bees! Bee stings on the nose often mean a trip to the emergency vet!


    Stunning photos of you all. 🐾❤️

  4. Kathy Shoulders

    How gorgeous!! I can imagine heaven looking like that! Thank you for sharing that with us May. The dogs look beautiful in those fields.

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