Green, green grass of home!

After two days of weaving amongst human legs, being patted on the head, carried, posed for photos and narrowly missing being hit by shopping bags, we are soooooo happy to be running free!

We are back at Hyde Park and running with our friend Charlie!

We were just going to say – “Watch out Praewa! Here we come!” LOL!

Arsh teased us with sticksIMG_6862IMG_6861 IMG_6818 IMG_6816That’s a long stick Charlie. IMG_6852See me jump!IMG_6848Come on Charlie, let’s run!IMG_6853We met lots of other doggies who were also running in the park – no more doggies in cratesIMG_6800 IMG_6807 IMG_6803 IMG_6804 IMG_6811 IMG_6819Loving my muddy paws! Ha! Ha!
IMG_6842Reuben was also out running – he took a liking to George!IMG_6830 IMG_6832 IMG_6833I think it’s only fair that some days we do Mummy things and other days we do doggy things – it’s two of us vs. one of Mummy! She she still makes the call – so we’re eternally grateful when she decides we do doggy things 🙂

May’s comment: We may live in one of the largest capital cities of the world but we still have large green parks for the dogs to run. Love London. Love how dog friendly it is especially in the parks. So many dog loving humans – makes it all a better place to be.



  1. Gill Cowie

    Nothing is more certain to bring a smile to my face than seeing my poo running and playing – with her doggy friends, chasing birds, leaves, whatever, is lovely and I cansee that in yours too x

  2. Laura cordovano

    Love George’s bell. Brilliant!

  3. Sharon

    We stayed at The Thistle last August. Wish I had have been following Miss Darcy’s adventures then, I may have had the pleasure of meeting you.

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