Yogi needs help to walk

Seven month old Yogi is your typical cockapoo – happy and full of life!  But he was in a traffic road accident in December, and one of his back legs received multiple fractures.  Fortunately, it was only his leg that got crushed.

He had two operations since then but the second one did not work out quite well.  Yogi can’t walk properly – he can’t put weight on the bad leg.

11067601_10153162916389932_778242870_o When his owners could no longer afford to keep him, they gave him up to the Hessle Dog Rescue Service.  The Rescue had consulted with the orthopaedic vet who told them that if it’s not corrected Yogi’s leg will have to be amputated. Oh no!!!

Hessle Dog Rescue started a fund-raising campaign to help Yogi have a chance to walk normally again. But they are a small charity and while they are focusing on raising funds for Yogi’s operation, they will not be able to take in any other dogs for now.  So we thought we would let you know if you can help Yogi in any way possible to take the strain off Hessle Charity.  That way they can continue to give other dogs like Yogi a chance to be rescued.9609955-large

Yogi will also need to stay caged and looking after for six to eight weeks in order for him to recuperate.  The good news is that Yogi is being looked after by Jo, his fosterer.

Come on, Yogi – we can’t wait for you to do the doodle dash, chase birds and hunt down those squirrels. It will all be better soon – paws crossed.

May’s comment: We got in touch with Yogi’s fosterer, Jo and asked about him. We were told that he will be having his operation today which will cost the charity £2000. So far they have received about £800 in donation.11054755_10153162986024932_1927519184_o

If you wish to help, please call 01482 211670 or visit Hessle Dog Rescue Facebook Page – there is a donate button on the left side.

To learn more: Hull Daily Mail – Yogi faces losing leg


  1. jo

    Hi there amazing write up !!!! Thanks so much Yogi really does need your help will leg you know how he is doing and update you on his progress hugs and licks ooo

  2. The members of the British Cockapoo Society wanted to help Yogi after reading about him and so are donating money towards his care. The money will be sent to the rescue at the end of the week. Fingers crossed he will soon be running round again 🙂

  3. Margaret Danks

    I made a small donation Miss Darcy and hopefully with more donations from our friends at BCS, yogi will be up and running in no time.

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