Where you go I will follow – King Tommy

We met King Tommy, finalists for Scrufts 2017 at our neighbourhood hangout, Bluebird Cafe.

You know how I usually do not really like other “strange” dogs – but with King Tommy, I didn’t mind him one bit.
I went straight to his owner, Monique and had a good sniff at her pockets – yup! there were treats!King Tommy had a long day but he still obliged when Mummy wanted a photo with him.

After that he laid down to have a rest while I did all the posing. He is after all eight and I am still younger than him! ūüôā I feel so honoured to have met King Tommy – to have learnt abut his story.We couldn’t wait to get home that night to watch Scrufts on Channel 4. We learnt about their journey from India to Crufts!¬†
This was the moment they won the “Most Handsome Dog” category.If you think you recognise King Tommy, that’s because he was recently on the cover of Dogs Monthly!

May’s comment:¬† Monique was travelling in Goa, India when she came across King Tommy at the place where she was renting a room. He followed her around pretty much. He was only a puppy and¬†had been abused in a nearby village where¬†they would throw hot water at him – probably because he was barking or being a pest begging and seeking food. He somehow ended up in the town where Monique happened to be. He supposedly “belonged” to her landlord. He lived outside of the¬†house along with a big guard dog. Monique was just aware that he was always around her but¬†never paid much attention to it.

Monique then left India to¬†travel further afield but after a few months, she returned to the same village, but she couldn’t find¬†King Tommy anywhere. ¬†Tommy who has been her “companion” – unbeknownst to her at that time. She inquired and eventually found him tied up to a tree at another person’ yard, with no food and no water. ¬†She asked for permission to take him. ¬†At that time, she was working in India for a while and she was able to keep King Tommy with her¬†wherever she was staying. ¬†But the time came for her to leave India again and that was when she realised she had to think about what to¬†do with King Tommy who was by then very much a part of her life.

Long story short, she brought him back to the United States with her. They lived in America for a while and there King Tommy achieved everything he possible could – passing all the Good Citizen tests and even became a therapy dog! He was the first therapy dog from India!

But Monique soon travelled again and they were off to Europe and for a few years they lived in France. ¬†Eventually they came to live in Devon where Monique spent the last four years writing a novel based on their true story – King Tommy – “a small dog with a big heart.”

Due to some fluke, we were connected and Monique wrote us.  And how can we not take the opportunity to meet up when they were in London.

There will be a book launch event in London and will let you know once a date and venue has been announced. Come and meet this amazingly gentle and loving pooch. I have never seen Darcy so accepting of another dog unknown to her. King Tommy was not territorial Рand they both co-existed. Wish I had brought George but that might have been a whole different scenario! 


  1. Jill Keiser

    What a sweet story! Thank God that King Tommy and Monique’s lives intertwined and they blessed each other and all of us!

  2. Cecilia Lin

    Love to read that book, wonder if it would be for sale in bookstores in the U.S. or ordering online!

  3. Hello Cecilia! You can order the book on my website http://www.kingtommy.org and I will ship it to the USA. With best regards, Monique

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