Lists and lists and miles and miles before I sleep

There’s something in the air – a bit of anticipation, a bit of disarray in the home.

The Sleepy Pod travel bag is once again out of the closet.And George is practising using itGeorge, I think you need to be totally inside, not hanging half way out of the bag!

In the meantime, we have a new bag from Mungo & Maud for carrying George around when going about New York City.It looks more like a bag with a head!

Food has been ordered for George. Cousin Molly is safeguarding it.We’ll have to see if this will be good for George.  But he’s also excited about meeting our cousin Molly.

Visit to the vet and have Fit to Travel document in hand

George is ready for his first trip to the US of A. Thankfully, they did not fly this week. This was north east USA!And this is Oakley in the snow.  George won’t get to meet Oakley but he will meet Hilary! It would have been so much fun for George to experience snow but he might just freeze – because he’s afraid of unknown surfaces and new things. It looks like there could be more snow in the forecast so who knows. You’re off to an adventure, George!

May’s comment: All preparations in place. Just need to get through this weekend of packing for myself! And then we will take one step at a time …

  1. Send Darcy off to House of Mutt on Tuesday morning
  2. Get to Liverpool Street Station for train to Harwich
  3. Board Stenaline Ferry for overnight crossing – settle George in the kennel and try to sleep without looking at the CCTV too much
  4. Disembark next morning at Hoek van Holland
  5. Train to Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam.
  6. Check-in. Thankfully dogs are allowed on the leash at Schipol.
  7. Board plane with George settled in bag and under the seat
  8. Arrive in NYC the same day – seven hours later
  9. Hopefully with George in bag, a Yellow Cab will take us to our “home away from home”
  10. Our NY adventure begins!


  1. Sue

    Hi We live in the US. but are English. I am curious. I have a puppy who we always leave here whilst we travel to the U.K. Does George travel on the plane with you or in the hold?

    • Miss Darcy

      He’s travelling in cabin because he is less than 8kg but we have to fly out and esp fly into the continent.

  2. Jane Groothuis

    A New Yorker wouldn’t take a yellow cab from the airport….faster/simpler/less expensive to use an Uber car. Maybe you could look into opening an Uber account here before you arrive…safe travels!

    • Miss Darcy

      I always took Yellow cabs but then there weren’t Uber when I lived there – seven years ago. I have an Uber account but I never use it in London because they usually don’t take dogs. (I use Black cabs here) But there’s no guarantee that Yellow Cabs do – very much touch and go. But George will be in a bag so maybe they will be less fussed.

  3. Alison

    Good luck on your travels. I’m looking forward to seeing what George gets up to in NYC

  4. Laura Cordovano

    You can always call inexpensive car service too. 718.777.7777. You can reserve and then call them when you land and are curb side. They have always been very reliable for me. Oh that Georgie is so cute!!!

    • Miss Darcy

      Laura have you taken your dogs in car service? When I had Darcy with me the last time we walked everywhere!!!!

  5. Margaret Danks

    Safe travels everyone. Looking forward to the photos

  6. Cheryl

    Safe travels!
    That is quite the list! I know everything will go well! George will love NYC and NYC will love George!

  7. Jill Keiser

    Even though my dogs and myself will be far away in North Carolina, it will be nice knowing you and George are in the U.S.!

  8. Lucca

    Happy travels Georgie look forward to seeing you on yr return.
    will miss you at the serpentine who will guard us against all the uninvited dogs?
    Licks Lucca

  9. Ellen

    I find most Yellow cabs and dial 7 cars are ok with small dogs in a carrier bag. We use the wag wear one.

    What’s the fit to travel paperwork for? When we reentered the USA in dec 2015 we only needed to show the rabies certificate. And the pet passport was sufficient to get through Amsterdam.

    • Miss Darcy

      We’ve decided to use dial 7 cars just to be safe after a long journey for George that he doesn’t. Feel shunned ? The fit to fly is just a formality. Most of the time they don’t even know it exists but there will be that one time someone will ask. Taking all precautions. It’s also good to know he is healthy and no issues but I think these issues would apply if they’re over weight and have breathing problems.

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