George’s bone has fused and all’s good!

We went for a second follow-up visit yesterday at the Royal Veterinary College Hospital.

George seem to remember this place and wasn’t sure what was about to happen to him.

Mum said goodbye to a reluctant George who was taken to have x-rays done of his leg.

In the meantime, we went along to find something to eat … waiting for George to come around and soon got a phone call that he was waking up. So back to the Royal Vet Hospital – and we met a dazed George.

And the x-rays showed that his femur has healed nicely and bone has completely fused. Hooray!!!!

May’s comment: BEST NEWS of the Day!

This was, we hope, our last visit to the Royal Veterinary Hospital for a long while yet.

The first follow-up showed that there was still a fine line where they had cut the bone. He needed to do some weight bearing exercises to better fuse the leg. Then we were told that his limping is because of a slight luxating patella – which we had suspected for a long time. Nothing needs to be done for now but if it should deteriorate – well, that might be another surgery. Oy vey!

The staff at the Royal Vet College Hospital have been so helpful and so pleasant.


  1. Liz Burman

    So good to hear. Dear little George he’s so cute.😍

  2. Cheryl

    Woot, Woot! Great news!

  3. Alison Wood

    Great news 🙏

  4. Peter & Jan

    So pleased little George is all ok
    Bet that is a relief

  5. Jill Keiser

    Glad George is doing so much better and has signed out of the hospital for a long time!


    So glad you’re healing well Georgous 🐾❤️

  7. Laura Cordovano

    Hooray George!!! So happy to hear the news. Xo

  8. Lucy Cronin

    Glad to hear you are healing so well little man. Love from Luca & Lucy

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