Glamping at Loose Reins

If you wondered where we’ve been all last week, well, we were back at Loose Reins in Dorset.

The internet connection there wasn’t very good which meant Mum couldn’t be on her computer. That way she was spending time with us and the kids … (wink! Wink!)

Back at the ranch,

this time it was quite different to when we were there in December. This time it was summer skies and longer days.

And we had five kiddies.

We were introduced to the horses …

Hi! Mum – I am ok. I’ve met Snoopy – I get horses.

I’ll leave you guys to it.

Hey look! We met Zorro!

Well, actually, it’s not so funny. During the summer the horses are bothered by annoying flies, so they have to wear masks and throws to stop the flies from bothering them.

There were other four legged beasts.

Hello donkeys!

And goats!

We weren’t allowed to get close to them …

Look they do the Freddie pose!

There were also sheep and chickens which George was very curious about.

Even with all that distraction, the kids still had time for us.

George getting love from Little Tyke.

Mini Tyke fell in love with Mini Daschund – but that’s her real name.

And Mum was super happy to have Jaffa.

Every morning, the kids were picked up in a tractor to go to Buckaroo Club

Where they go about feeding the animals on the farm and they get to meet them all – one by one.

Then they were off for some American Ranch riding lesson.

Little Tyke riding American style.

Look at Mini Tyke telling her pony to move forward.

Cute as a button!

After lessons in the arena, they took a walk around the farm.

And this is what I get to ride …

Yee haw!!!

We took a break on one of the days and left the ranch to visit Hebe and Blaze – and to see their incredible train set.

And we made our own pizza for tea.

And played in the garden we know well.

Especially George.

Still running on three.

And it was Jaffa time!

Back at the ranch, the kiddies ran freely

And so did we.

There were barbeques

Yum! Yum!

I almost got the burgers! But not quite fast enough and got punished. 🙁

And when the kids were roasting marshmallows I went for the leftovers.

Happy kids

At each day’s end, there was a glorious sunset

Even George realised it was time to call it a day.

But the kiddies played late into the evening

When the sun finally disappeared, it was time to leave the kiddies in their safari tent

and we made our way back to our little log cabin.

We love the cosiness of our Goldpanner cabin.

After the sun has set, the moon lit up the skies

From out cabin, we looked out to rolling hills.

And we all cuddled up in our cosy bed.

It was a really lovely week with Jaffa, Mini and all the kiddies.

May’s comment: When you’re taking a group pic of dogs and kids – you can always trust a few of them to close their eyes but those dogs – you can rely on them to sit and pose perfectly! LOL! Regardless, it’s a summary of a lovely week of friends, kids and dogs all having fun.

We were lucky to have blue skies though cloudy at times.

Another fabulous stay at Loose Ends in Dorset.


  1. Liz Burman

    Wow what a fab week for both kiddies, dogs and adults. I’m a bit envious, especially as it’s freezing cold here in Oz.😃

  2. Belinda Scher

    Looks fab …. and loved the Freddie posing goat 😉

  3. Angela Dillon

    Oh Darcy looks like you, George and the kids had a fabulous time. We all love you 😍😍🐾🐾

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