A Night at Hambleton Hall

After we got home from my birthday party at our monthly Hyde Park Meet, we left almost immediately for Oakham.  We took a train from Kings Cross Station, well not exactly this train though it might have been more comfortable than the train we were on. The train left from Platform 0 – always thought it’s funny – its like Platform 9 3/4 but we didn’t have to run through a wall to get onto it. There was an arrow indicating we just had to get behind that pillar. 🙂

Train to Peterborough and then to Oakham. Then a taxi from the station to Hambleton. When we pulled into the driveway, this was what we saw –Hambleton Hall, a Victorian house that was built in 1881 as a hunting box. Today it’s a hotel and a restaurant.We were shown to our room. Love our canopy bed!

Our room looked out to the croquet field.Hello? There’s someone at the door!

Ahh, they brought Mummy some tea and biscuits.But they forgot about us.

We were all a little knackered from the day’s activities and travels, so we thought it’s best to lie down for a little kip. But we also had in mind, the garden to explore.  So after a much needed short shut-eye, We went out to explore the grounds.
After running through some of the garden mazeGeorge and I raced each other like we always do on the beautiful green lawn.

And this is why Mummy brings us to places like these – she loves watching us run freely. Well, sort of. There’s always the fear that George would decide to run past the fence! But he didn’t this time. Great precaution was taken! LOL!

It was already quite late in the day by the time we finished running. Soon it was time for supper. We went and joined Mummy for a drink in the reception hall. We were not allowed in the bar areaNor in the library. 🙁And definitely not in the restaurant. So instead Mummy left us with the staff in the office.They took good care of us while Mummy was at dinner.

So glad we made it.  The next day, we have friends to see and a special place to go to! Till tomorrow. Good night.

May’s comment: We always plan to go away to a place that I enjoy and where the dogs can run – be it the beach, the Yorkshire Dales or some beautiful country garden.  This year we went to Hambleton Hall in Rutland. I had won a silent auction at the Dogs Trust Fund Raising event last year and thought it would be perfect to spend Darcy’s birthday there.

After what seemed like a marathon day, up early, took the dogs for a walk, picked up Maddie, drove to Kensington Gardens, dog meet, rushed back home, cleaned the muddy paws and off we went to Kings Cross – I could not wait for a quiet afternoon and evening at this lovely Victorian house.

We’re lucky that there are so many of these beautiful homes turned into luxury hotels all over Great Britain. Not enough occasions to make it to all of them! 🙂



  1. Margaret Danks

    What a wonderful getaway. Have fun everyone.

  2. Cheryl

    What a beautiful hotel! I’m so glad you are able to take Darcy and George to such fabulous places. Many places here in the states are not that accommodating.

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