I may be a city girl but I am quite athletic and I love to run!!!!

So whenever we’re at House of Mutt, I am also in my other element

HOM3HOM4Look at George – in the thick of things and keeping up with the big dogs!HOM5A very happy crew!HOM1And at day’s end …13700048_1432994606717791_4396546273876523942_n Zzzzzzzz …. in all positions13731665_1433051350045450_8828228525513076029_nAlone (as George always does)13718763_1433051163378802_3990290508387866419_nOr all curled up with our new friends.

May’s comment: I am so glad George is at House of Mutt with Darcy. First, they are together so he doesn’t feel like Darcy has it better. And he can socialize without me telling him off for trying to protect our pack.


  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Love to see the doggies enjoying themselves, and Georgie right in the thick of things.

  2. Sally Wright

    What a wonderful place for them to go on their holidays…it must be very reassuring for you to see them enjoying themselves. x

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