Sniffing bottoms

This is what happens when we arrive at House of Mutt –IMG_2494We jump out of the car and it’s not an instant immersion into the scene. Instead each of their house guests (8 at most) are introduced to us – one at a time …IMG_8756 And the ritual begins ..IMG_8758 Checking out each other IMG_8760 Looks like Georgie has a new friendIMG_8764 After that ritual, we are let out into the backyardIMG_8770 For a runaroundIMG_8768 And then it’s time for tea as we all gather in the kitchen.IMG_8773Our holiday has begun.

And guess who gets to go to Charleston, SC with Mummy.IMG_2513Have fun Impostor. We low you won’t feel the heat because you’re a 2D dog! For us, it may be unbearable.

May’s comment: Nice ritual at House of Mutt. Every new arrival gets the be introduced to each dog at the house before they are introduced to the pack.

As we know, sniffing bottoms is a way they establish the pecking order, or who is going to be the dominant.  Was a little concerned about George as he doesn’t seem to like being sniffed at – maybe, it gives his secret away – that he is after all a small dog! LOL!  But reports say – no aggression recorded. Very interested in seeing how he does in an unfamiliar environment.

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  1. Elizabeth Burman

    Well so far so good May. Georgie doesn’t seem at all perturbed by his new surroundings and his big sister Miss D will keep an eye on him I’m sure.

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