Happy as a Pig!

Here is the real reason why we came to Montreal – to meet Christopher.

Mum had told me about a pig in Montreal – and only at the last hour of our stay did I finally meet this famous pig.

I was terribly curious, but I remained very calm.

Hello Christopher the Pig. I’m Darcy the Dawg.

Christopher came forward to say hello – grunt, grunt, he said.

There you are.

Hi! Mum’s been so in love with all your antics on Instagram that she thought – while in NY, Montreal is only a short flight away. Why not?

Christopher wanted to come down from the truck.

Of course Mum had to get a photo of us – to show how we compare in size.

Yup! Pretty big …

Just a tad nervous …

We compared our profiles.

We compared our noses. Mine is black but with pink tones and yours is totally pink.

Christopher, you are gorgeous!

Follow Christopher on Instagram – @christopher_the_pig

P.S. I barked at a dog passing by but not Christopher. I was totally mesmerised by him. As for Mum, she fell in love.

May’s comment: In LOVE! In my 60th year I finally meet a pig close-up – and my Chinese horoscope.

Love you Christopher! Good luck on your Summer travels.

Give me a kiss!

Christopher and his dad, Jonathan will be travelling throughout Quebec this Summer. If you’re on Instagram – follow his trails and have a meet-up. I promise you, its worth it. You too will fall in love with him.


  1. Annie

    Lovely photos May – what a fabulous pig xxx

  2. Jill Keiser

    Pigs are underappreciated but not Christopher! If Darcy and May take time to meet you face to face (or nose to nose), you know you are very appreciated, Christopher!

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