So long, farewell …

I leave and heave a sigh and say goodbye.

All my bags are packed and I’m ready to go.

But not before saying hello and goodbye to Koda – a nine year old cockapoo.

Koda is Benny’s friend who lives in the same building where we stayed.

Koda, Benny andre with Linda

We’ve come to realise that in the US, the Doodles tend to be Goldendoodles or Labradoodles and then every other doodle. Very few Cockapoos. I don’t think I actually met one till Koda.

He reminded us a lot of Rusty – same hairdo!

It was lovely just meeting him and his grandma –

And then it was one last goodbye to Bennie.

And we’re off.

Are you coming, Mum?

The doorman hailed use taxi and we piled into it with one more bag than when we came with – all of them completely stuffed with gifts from friends we’ve met – and of course something for George. And off we went to the airport … on a long journey home.

May’s comment: We’ve squeezed in every minute our stay to meet so many wonderful pups and seeing old friends and meeting new ones. It has truly been a really lovely trip – in NYC and LA, we were two days too short. But we have George to go home to and lots of things to do. There will always be a next time.


  1. Peter & Jan James

    Have thoroughly enjoyed reading about your journey and look forward to your next trip.
    We have a black Cockapoo called Ellie.

  2. Peter & Jan James

    Poole, Dorset

  3. Jan Anderson

    Oh, Darcy! I’ve not noticed your backpack! Where did you buy such an item?

  4. Jillian Cockerill

    Safe journey you two , thanks for the lovely trip we’ve been on with you. Bobby has loved listening to Darcy’s adventures.
    Looking forward to a catch up with George’s adventures while you’ve been away.
    Love Jill and Bobby poo xx

  5. trudi

    I’m envious that you managed to travel to New York with your dog – i live that dream to be able to do it with my darling Cavapoo— what was your travel itenary ?

  6. Judith Vogel

    Wonderful to be with you both!
    So happy Koda and Darcey finally met! That goes for you and Linda as well of course!
    Looking forward to following all your
    adventures both big and small.

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