Barnaby and Coco are 3!

Time to celebrate! Barnaby and Coco are THREE!!!

We celebrated with an Afternoon Tea Party at Egerton House. We had Doggy Tea of meatloaf, biscuits and ice-cream and the hoomans

Look at that!  The hoomans had a lot more than us. Look at that in comparison!

Now, how does one get to that meatloaf?

These serving stands are not very dog friendly.

Little Mark fed me some ice-cream.I am not partial to just doggy teas. I’d like some scones too please. Happy birthday Barnaby!Happy Birthday Coco!Oh you cheeky little monkey!Little Coco was not feeling well, she had an ear infection …She was trying to find some space for herself.We had such a fab day! Thank you Barnaby and Coco for sharing it with us!May’s comment: Dogs bring people together. We met Julie and Barnaby a little over a year ago through Instagram. We were both taking pictures of our dogs in the same places and figured we must live close to each other. And so we met and we’ve had so many adventures together, discovering new places and checking out more dog-friendly places together.

Since then of course we have met Freddie, and then Coco – amongst many others. Amazing social media – most of the time, but then its because of our dogs. We wouldn’t be contacting other humans who happen to be living in our neighbourhood. We would be stalkers! Dogs bring a whole different level of connection!

And the icing on the cake? We had special visitors – Ivana and Mark from Melbourne came to say hello and joined in the party.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Happy Birthday to Barnaby and Coco! May you have many adventures with your canine and hooman friends during the coming year!

  2. Liz Burman

    Happy birthday Barnaby and Coco!?

  3. Ian Harrison

    Belated happy birthday to Barnaby and Coco. They are so alike surely they are related. Brilliant party.

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