Kisses for my big sister!

I love you lots!

May’s comment: Caught what looks like a loving moment 0f George and Darcy. The truth is every morning, there’s the same ritual.

Darcy is snuggled right up to me. George is at the end of the bed by my legs. The minute they both sense me stirring, Darcy will turn to look at me. George then comes over and stands on top of me, looking down to see if I am awake.IMG_2720Darcy moves strategically over the end of the bed ready to jump off – always ready for breakfast.IMG_2719But I am loving this and not wanting to get up. So I beckon Darcy over and she comes. I give her a tickle under her chin and immediately, George barges in.IMG_2709 Me too, he says, I want some tickles too.IMG_2707 And he wouldn’t give up trying to nudge Darcy over.IMG_2704 And as Darcy did not budge either, George started to lick DarcyIMG_2702And I started to withdraw my hand
IMG_2710 And the both of them stayed like that for a few more secondsIMG_2711 Awwww. Nice guys. That’s how it should be.IMG_2712

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  1. Miami Malteses

    That’s what I do to my sister Mimi as well and then she turns around and washes my whole face with her tongue! So love and kisses to both George and Darcy from Quincy!!

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