Look Mummy, this makes a good photo outside of Orla Kiely’s store window.IMG_8640But, do you think they will let me sit in their window?

Yay! They said I could. Well, let’s get on with it then.IMG_8641 SMILE! It’s Christmas!IMG_8649Well, that was fun. Now how do I get out of this maze of clothes and shoes before someone how much is that doggie in the window!IMG_8651May’s comment: Thank you, Orla Kiely on King’s Road for letting us take our photo in your store window.

I saw the words lit up on Christmas night a year ago and thought – how simple and how to the point. SO when I saw it again this year, I thought, well, we had to have a photo taken.

And for those of us who begin our celebrations tonight, wishing you and yours a HAPPY CHRISTMAS.

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