What are you doing on Sunday?

When you have eaten all your mince pies and Christmas puddings.IMG_8514

When you have had your second helpings on turkey and stuffing.

IMG_8396And feeling guilty but just can’t help yourself

Until you ask yourself why DID you have that extra helping …IMG_7535Because you can’t move.

Well, it may just be the right time to go for a long walk in the park this Sunday and come join us at our Hyde Park Doodles Meet!

May’s comment: For those who are in London over the holidays we are meeting this Sunday, 27th December.

As always, it’s at 10:30am behind the Serpentine Gallery in Hyde Park.
If by mistake you’ve ended up at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery, you won’t find any doodles there but instead a white space ship/saucer-like structure and think Chewbacca might come out of it.  If so, keep walking or ask someone where you would find the original Serpentine Gallery.
There is parking in front of the gallery and across the road.
We look forward to seeing you but until then, wishing all of you a Merry Christmas – and if we don’t see you on this coming Sunday, Happy New Year to you too!!! IMG_7858
Darcy at Marylebone Station.
And hopefully we will see you at the end of January.
And this is Bella, whom we met in the park just last week. She’s a blog follower but she won’t be able to come this Sunday. IMG_8328

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  1. Alex

    Such beautiful dogs. See you Sunday!! Merry christmas!

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