Even Elvis came!

Happy first meet of 2018! Us, doodles of London – we’re back!

So lovely to see old friends Hello Lucca! Hello Rusty!Hello Barnaby!

And some we haven’t seen in a long time! Hello Crumble!Hello Bear!

And lots of new frisky ones!!!5-month old Roxy and Suki were the life of the party!They doodle-dashed the whole morning and … little Roxy took over as bouncer from George.Telling a very large dog what she thought of him.  But when he approached her, she squealed for dear life.Ran back to her daddy who told her to be brave!!!

Hey! Where are you all going?

There were a lot of look alikes – but nothing like ArchieAnd LuccaAnd in our midst came along a puppy Dalmatian – who looked nothing like us!We hardly ever meet one of those.

Along came Clemmie – and Barnaby went to check her out!Oy! Mr. B – I’m around, and no younger bitches for you!!!

And then there was eight-month old Elvis! He’s a big boy! And quite a few “smallish”  hooman kids – who all love dogs! That’s attentive me, Clemmie and TeddyOliver giving Teddy some attentionThat’s Suzy and Roxy’s hooman sisterAnd Titus trying to get Jaffa’s stick! Good luck, Titus!

They were great to have around … for this very reason!

I got a little distracted and went squirrelling – only to be alerted by George (on the leash) And got called back!

You called?Which then alerted the others of what’s out there …Scanning the horizon for prey.

May’s comment: Yay! We’re back! Our first meet of 2018.L to R: Jaffa, Bear, Suky, Roxy, Rusty, Lucca, George, Teddy, Darcy, Barnaby, Crumble, Archie, Elvis

Missing from photo: Clemmie, (Clemmie and Jaffa)


And Homer, the labradoodle (we didn’t manage a photo of him!)

Wanted to point out these photos of Darcy chasing one of the kids at the meet today. I followed what she was doing closely because of her past history with children.

We live on a street that has two pre-schools and a primary school.  When  Darcy was little, and I didn’t know any better on how to protect her, she became wary of children running at her wanting to pat her – because she was so darn cute! They would come charging, frightened her and all too soon, she thought – I will get you before you get me! Disaster!

Walking along our residential neighbourhood with lots of children, she would jump at any children passing, especially those on scooters. Along came Little Tyke and they became friends.  She knew he meant no harm but would still teach him a lesson if he misbehaved.  And soon Little Tyke was on a scooter and Darcy learnt then that scooters can’t be bad if Little Tyke is on one. It was about two years before she her anxiety with kids lessened.  Even today, she still doesn’t like loud, children very much – especially if they start flapping around in fear.  We have those too along our street.

But we have come a long way and today, when the little boy was “training” them, or was it treating, she knew he was “good” and when he started to run, she chased him.  Because he wasn’t afraid of dogs, he didn’t flail his arms nor scream in fear.The boy thought it was a game and Darcy was just after his treats!And she started playing along.

It’s not something she gets to do a lot because we do not encounter a lot of children in our daily existence except for the ones we meet on the street. George goes to Jaffa’s because he loves being with any human – big or small. But I hardly leave Darcy there as there are always other children than the ones who know her – and she senses fear. And children are unpredictable and they are not aware of the need to be calm and quiet with dogs around. But today she was playing – because the boy was not reacting with fear to her running after him. And that for me was a joy to watch. I hope she will, in her old age, can learn to trust and enjoy children.

Till our 2nd 2018 meet on Sunday, the 25th February – same time (11am), same place (behind Serpentine Gallery)! –



  1. Linda Strallen

    Looks like you all had a wonderful time. We are sorry we missed it. Coco had to put up with me and Marc listening to the tennis!
    Next time we will be there.

  2. Annie Rhodes

    Who is little Tyke?

    • Miss Darcy

      Little Tyke is my god son and he has appeared on Darcy’s blog every summer when he comes to visit. 🙂

  3. Jackie jones

    Looks like lots of fun I wished we lived closer. Penny is the same with small children and scooters as a child ran into her when she was a pup .She now barks if she spots a child on one or on roller skates. Hopefully she will out grow out of it as she gets older.

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