Not a whole lot happening

We don’t have a lot of stories to share these days.

We don’t see a lot of Mummy either.

We’ve been going for walkies most days with Joanna and Dawid … and the gangAnd then we go home and sit around waiting for Mummy to come home.Some days when Georgie or I decide not to go for walkies, we get to go with Mummy – to the construction site of her current project …Not exactly green fields to run …  but we get a lot of attention.

I guess we kinda miss Mummy these last few weeks.  And then when she comes home, she’s busy at her desk … And Georgie likes to check on what else Mummy has still to do when she’s home with us.

Every now and then when it gets too boring, Georgie tries to get me to play …

briefly… and then it’s back to snooze-ville.Sometimes we wish we’re back on that ferry cruise again – when we had Mummy to ourselves 100% of the time.Well, maybe 85%.  At least it’s Friday – two days of weekend and Hyde Park meet-up on Sunday! Yay!

May’s comments: Deadline looming – it is always like this – everything seems to run late and then it all comes together. So much to do on the last weeks – left the daily walking to dog walkers. Have to focus.  At least they have each other and sometimes they go to Jaffa’s.  So glad to have a support system.

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