Who Loves You (Cafe)

Happy Valentine’s Day, Mummy!  How appropriate that we came upon this cafe just the other day.IMG_2438Love is … IMG_2567Sharing a cookie.

May’s comment:  Happy Valentine’s Day, my pooches. Why do I love thee?

Because you make me get out of bed every morning regardless of how I feel, regardless of the weather. Instead of thinking about ME, I think about getting your breakfast and that I need to get dressed to take you outside. IMG_9796And every night you give the best snuggles. Even though I find myself on the edge of a king-size bed because you chose to sleep on my pillow.IMG_3869Because you gave me a chance to care about another.  When you are sick, when you have runny poos, when you have eaten something you shouldn’t, your every little limp, your every little shriek makes me go into a worry bout. The feeling of caring gives me a purpose of being.IMG_4552-2Because all the little things you do that makes me smile.  It’s the way you take a leap before you catch the ball,

Picture David Crump 19th March 2015. News Special on 4 year old Cockerpoodle Miss Darcy, possibly one of the most travelled dogs in Great Britain. Picture shows Miss Darcy playing in Hyde Park.

Picture David Crump 19th March 2015.

the way you sleep on your back showing off your bits for all the world to see, or happily rubbing your back on a rug,IMG_4514nudges at suppertime because it’s amazing how you have a built-in clock, your little grunts, your curiousity about the world, IMG_6668_2etc, etc. IMG_9052They distract me from the everyday “issues”.

Because you make me burst with pride.  When you pick up so quickly what I teach you, or behaving impeccably whether we’re shopping, eating at a restaurant or travelling.  You always seem to know when you need to behave.  I am so, so proud of you two.IMG_9318Because you remind me to rejoice in all things great and small. You live as if your every meal is your first, that every squirrel is the best thing that ever happened, that every walk is as if it is your first, and the excitement of every treat never wane.IMG_8855 Because you are a reminder to me to live in the present.  You focus in the moment – the squirrel right before your eyes, not moan about the one that got away, not yearn for the next.IMG_4460Because you have opened up my world.  Since you came into my life, I have met so many lovely people because of you two.  I have learnt so much more about the plight of dogs, the care of animals and the strong bonds that you share. I have also learnt to push boundaries and discover ways of going about our daily lives together.IMG_9202And last but not least, you make me feel so loved, so wanted, needed and depended upon.  In return you gave me a chance to love like I never knew I could. You show me love, loyal companionship everyday even when I do not deserve it.IMG_9666I love you not just today but yesterday, tomorrow and the day after, and the day after that.  You have given me a new purpose, you have made me a better person and you have given me the opportunity to open my heart in a way I never knew I was capable of.IMG_3855


  1. Liz

    Amen! We can learn so much from our pooches. Sometimes I think they are much wiser than us, they just live in the moment.

  2. Alison Mullett

    Happy Valentine’s Day May, Darcy & George ❤️

  3. cheryl houlton

    Happy Valentines day, to May, Darcy and Georgie,also to all lovely doggies in the world wish they were all loved and cherished as much as our doggies
    Cheryl and Susie xx

  4. Barbara Kingston

    Beautiful words , May, and so very true for us all. Happy Valentines day to you all.

  5. Karen

    Such beautiful sentiment that resonates exactly with me. Never having children, Rumer has taught me unconditional love, she is my world. Happy Valentines Day to you May, Darcy and George, such a lovely little family xx

  6. Chris


  7. Beve

    How very very true. Happy Valentine’s Day Miss Darcy, George and mom May x

  8. Margaret Danks

    Lovely sentiments May. Happy valentines day to you, MissDarcy and little Georgeous

  9. Jim g

    So nicely written, love it as I take the dogs out in the pouring rain.

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