Thank goodness for the strong Pound!

We received “ang pows” from Malaysia and Australia but the foreign exchange rate was not working to our favour. Along came Aunty Mag with “ang pows” in pound sterlingIMG_2589 and immediately we had enough to buy some treats.  IMG_2586To go along with the hearts theme for today, we opted for the Love Hearts Dog Treats.IMG_2489And we even had enough left over to buy Mummy a Valentine biscuit that is also her Chinese Horoscope! 🙂IMG_2349Happy Valentine’s Day, Mummy and Happy Chinese New Year!

May’s comment: Oink! Oink!  Being international dogs they will undoubtedly be subjected to foreign exchange rates. LOL!IMG_2591

Tangerines or oranges for that matter are one of the many auspicious symbols for Chinese New Year.

Not only does the bright orange colour symbolises “gold” making reference to prosperity, the word for Tangerines in Chinese sounds similar to the word “luck.”

So the gifting of tangerines is also a symbolic way of wishing the other prosperity and good luck for the new year.


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