Hard to handle

It was a journey a little too far for a taxi so Mummy thought she would jump on the tube at Notting Hill Gate on the Central Line to get out to Hanger Lane.

Well, she forgot about the escalators. For one, dogs must be carried. Remember this?IMG_9741And that there were two of us.

Thankfully I have kept my weight under control at 9.45kg and George had gained all of 0.6kg since he arrived.  So when we approached the escalator, Mummy scooped us both up – no hands to hold the handrail but two dogs were carried up the escalator. And wherever there were stairs, we walked them. And it wasn’t rush hour. Poor Mummy!

May’s comment: Which explains no photos for this posting!!!  Crikey!  I had forgotten that to take the tube with one dog was fine. With two, well, it wasn’t easy. Thankfully they are both light enough for me to carry one in each arm.IMG_9896

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