Dr. George

It’s usually one of us – George or I who gets sick.  But this time it’s Mummy. 🙁

She has a head cold, she told us. After she got sick, she went to lay down and George was all concerned.IMG_0016He made sure she was ok IMG_0026Gave her kissesIMG_0019and then snuggled up next to her to keep her warm.IMG_0024

May’s comment: Yes, George is the more appreciative one. LOL! Darcy watched from afar!!!! George came to me right away after I was sick and went to lay down.  He looked at me with concerned eyes and lots of licks before snuggling up and stayed like this for a long time.  My snuggle bug!

At the same time, these are the days when you think you’re on death’s bed but the dogs still need a walk … and fed and walked again.




  1. Cecilia

    Sweet George!!

  2. margaret danks

    They just seem to know don’t they? Hope you feel better soon May x

  3. Laura cordovan

    Feel better May!

  4. Alison

    Hope you’re feeling a little better. Take care xxx

  5. What a great dog George is! proud of our rescue boy ! 🙂 hope you get better xxx

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