Have you ever heard of the word “SIT”?

Crumpet, I think Joanna told us to – “Sit!” 

She’s trying to take a photo of us … What are you doing?IMG_3429 C’mon, I can’t sit here all day while you try to get your act together.IMG_3427“Wheeee!” says Crumpet, “I’m coming!”IMG_3428 “You want to take my photo?” asked CrumpetIMG_3426 You see, I learnt very early on whenever Mummy wanted to take a photo that I needed to sit.IMG_3430And I also learnt to smile.IMG_3432 I always sit on cue and in the right place. All the others seem to not get it!!!IMG_3431Sigh!

May’s comment: Unknowingly I was teaching Darcy a command by repetition and consistency. Everything else I haven’t done as well. LOL! At last she’s a good poser for my purpose.


  1. Jill Keiser

    Yes, Miss Darcy, you are an excellent poser and smiler for the camera!

  2. Penny Pumpkin

    Miss Darcy, it’s nice to have such lovely friends to play with on your holidays though!

  3. Cheryl

    Miss Darcy’s, you are such a good girl!

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