Have you seen a Corgi, Le Corgi?

I had a lunch date with Marcel today at the Rosewood Hotel.

We’ve never been there before so we had to ask the rather dapper staff at the front. They were most helpful and pointed us in the right direction.

We were wowed by the hotel lobby.We made our way to the Mirror Room – where we were having lunch with Marcel and Aurelie. Along the way we saw an English Bulldog. I growled but noticed that it was quite still and not panting like they usually do.I looked a little closer and realised he’s not real.Ahhh, bon jour Marcel!This time I had someone else who stared at the hoomans as they enjoyed their lunch.No luck. Marcel and I had our own tete-a-tete under the table.When they were done with lunch, I asked Marcel if I could have his pawtograph on the latest issue of Dogs Today magazine.Because he made the cover of Dogs Today.Is Marcel’s paw print where I want it?OK. That looks good.

As we left the restaurant – how can we not pose with the “fake” dog?One of us is a pedigree, one of us is a crossbreed and one is a FAKE!!!

May’s comment:

How amazingly dog-friendly is Rosewood Hotel!!!! Well-behaved dogs are allowed in all public spaces. No questions asked. As we arrived, we were greeted warmly and we walked straight into the Mirror Room for lunch. We’re going back for a breakfast meeting soon and then we’re going to try their other restaurant and we must have Afternoon Tea there – soon!


  1. Jill Keiser

    What a wonderful photo of Marcel on the cover of DOGS TODAY!

  2. Maree White

    Marcel is lovely. Really enjoy reading about your adventures Darcy ❤️

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