Have you seen me?

We love getting messages/comments from our readers but now and then we get a request that breaks our hearts.  Yesterday we learnt about Margaret, the toy Yorkshire Terrier.13266042_810989342366727_8614228983520658938_nMargaret has been missing from her home in the Bilborough (NG8) area of Nottingham since the 7th March.

It is believed that when she ran out of her house and down the road, she was picked up by someone in a car and drove off.

She may have been sold on unknowingly.  Margaret is now seven months old and has a distinctive feature – she has a protruding lower jaw.13164250_1258122540887149_5707994155812710935_nIf by any chance you know someone who had recently acquired a toy miniature Yorkshire Terrier, do ask where they had got her from.

Please share – somebody out there might just recognise Margaret.  Margaret’s Facebook Page is http://Help find Margaret

If you have her, please let her go home. There will be no questions asked and you will even receive a reward of a £1000 for her return.



  1. Lisa Brown

    Thank you so much for sharing Margaret’s story. We are desperately trying to find her and get her back home where she belongs. Both myself and my children are absolutely heartbroken and pray for the day we have her home again. Thank you so much for your help and support xx

    • Miss Darcy

      Lisa, if we can be of further help, please let us know. We hope for the best outcome possible. And we hope we can tell that happy story soon. xxx

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