And so it was “Goodbye Charlie” again!

We’re going away next week so Mummy said we should definitely have Charlie come and stay when we can have him.  And so he did.

As usual he displaces us whenever he comes to stay. He took over the prime position under Mummy’s desk IMG_8054or in bed.IMG_9078But this week, I took control of the situation and did not let him do whatever he wanted. I went and took prime position in bed and he knew his place.

Then he ate our food, IMG_9101and he stole our toys.IMG_8065IMG_8059He was not very patient with George’s antics and would bark at him if George annoyed him – but never me.  He does bark a lot and Mummy tried hard to tell him not to. But then he is still quite young, not quite two yet.

He followed Mummy around – and so do we, so she felt like she had an entourage the whole time.IMG_8271Even to the loo … and when Jaffa was here,IMG_9064It was a little crowded in there.
IMG_9061He did get terribly anxious when Mummy left us at home.  He pee’d twice! Thankfully that was all he did but that didn’t make Mummy very happy.  He made it difficult for her.  Then guess what happened?IMG_9039Mummy was getting ready to leave and she took him with her and left us behind!!!!!

He went with her to the hairdresser’s …IMG_9088 And sat on Mummy like, George usually does when she’s getting her hair washed.IMG_9090 Bet he had never been to places like this with his daddy.IMG_9086But then he found it all too boring and fell asleep on Mummy’s lap.

But we did have lovely outings together …IMG_8300 IMG_8301I know having Charlie is quite a handful for Mummy. But come Friday mornings, Mummy would start to think – it’s our last morning together (till next week), it’s our last snuggle (he cuddles incredibly well), it’s our last breakfast, IMG_8078our last walk, our last everything … and as the day goes on, Mummy felt sadder and sadder. And then that inevitable “ping” on her phone meant Charlie’s daddy was on his way to pick up Charlie.

When the doorbell rings, this is what happens every time.

This is his very special cry of happiness when Charlie sees his daddy.  He gets very, very excited when he sees Mummy and wants to be carried and cuddled but never like this.  Charlie loves his daddy and Mummy knows that is where he belongs.

Till the next time … Charlie. We’re used to your ways by now.

May’s comment: It’s not easy having Charlie here but having him for company – is good therapy. I don’t have to think about having a third because if I do, I won’t be able to have Charlie come stay.

His owner Matt usually works from home but there are times when he’s at the office all day – and though several people borrow Charlie on the odd day, there are weeks when it’s easier that I just keep him.

Charlie is a sweetheart but he is quite needy. I worry about leaving him for too long.  So whenever he is here, I tend to leave my two at home and end up going places with Charlie instead. As you can imagine, it’s not easy going places with three of them, except for the Juice Bar down the road – where they expect to see me with them and would ask if they’re not with me. 🙂IMG_6634(At Juice Baby)

At the end of the day, it’s not so difficult. It is just inconvenient and somewhat annoying – constantly tangled up by their leads when all three of them decide to go in different directions.

Yes, I needed to re-arrange the way I do things, call in dog-sitters and pawning off George (because he is easy to hand over.)  But for the pleasure of Charlie’s company, especially his cuddles and just so I know he’s ok, it is worth the effort and the sacrifices.

We will be just fine.  We will manage. But if anyone wants to help out – call me!!!!!!! LOL!


  1. Jocelyn

    goodness I have never seen a dog react like that, it was just like a baby.
    Charlie is such a sweetie, no wonder u love him X

  2. Elizabeth Burman

    What a delightful little dog, he sure loves his dad. Watching the video actually made me a bit teary. There’s nothing like the welcome you get from a dog.

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