This elderly female dog was dumped outside a shop in a box on Hoylake Road, Birkenhead.

She was collapsed, emaciated, dehydrated, her coat was matted with faeces and urine, her eyes were fused shut with scabs, her paws were bleeding they were that tightly matted…the vet thinks this could be up to a year of horrific neglect.

She has since been put to sleep …

Good bye baby girl – no matter how old you are, you are always a baby to humans who care! We are very sorry that some heartless, careless human did that to you. And while we are sorry that you had to be set free to run over Rainbow Bridge, we can only think how much happier you are now – playing with other pooches, skipping through fields – free from matts, never hungry again and seeing all the beautiful colours of the rainbow. God bless xxx

May’s comment: Any information on who is responsible would be greatly appreciated. We want to still find the people who did this and put them to shame. If anyone knows anything please call 0300 1234 999 and leave a message for Inspector Joynes at RSPCA.  Please share.

Thoughts of how this animal felt the last year of her life just breaks my heart. Did she think that all humans could be so neglectful and cruel to a living being who was a part of the family.


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