Hector, my Hector

I have a favourite friend from House of Mutt. His name is Hector – a yellow lab.

He is the one I am always most excited to see each time I go there. He is the one that has my tail wagging.  He excites me.  unnamed-21He has been called gormless, but to me he is handsome, charming, a country gentleman.  unnamed-20He’s my boyfriend in the country.

But alas with every hello – there’s a goodbye.

I shall see you again, Hector. George and I, we have to get back to the city and do city things. I look forward to our next meeting.

May’s comment: Darcy is so taken by Hector.  Whenever she arrives at House of Mutt, he’s the only one she gets excited about. Very sweet.  Hector belongs to the House of Mutt – maybe it’s because he’s always there for her while the others come and go.unnamed-19


  1. Maggie

    How sweet. he is lovely. And what a super beach! Fo you get to go on it Miss Darcy? Where is it?? I would like Maggie to take me there as well. we go down to The Mum les or to Rhossilli for our beach times….. We are due to go soon I hope, but I must admit that beach looks fab!, love from Sealea Blue. Xx

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