Hello, Class of ’86!

Mummy went to her Business School 30th Class Reunion and as you know, Impostor went with her.  And she had the time of her life! 

The last time they had a class reunion was five years ago – and I had just about existed in her life. Since then some of them have met the real me (and Georgie)IMG_2895Laura came to visitIMG_2702We went with Meg and her daughter Melissa to CornwallIMG_2872Sandy and her daughter Alex came to stay with usIMG_2814We travelled to Ireland with Wendeline.

But others have only read about our adventures, and they were quite pleased to have met Impostor!IMG_2692PamIMG_2693OttoIMG_2897Jane
IMG_2910Lisa IMG_2696Josie has two toy poodles
IMG_2700Andrea & Eric
IMG_2743Hansi IMG_2744Mauricio
IMG_2889Mateo aka Dave! IMG_2713And others will be coming to visit soon!!!!IMG_2707Kiyo and Ashley – we look forward to seeing you both in London.

It sure seems like Impostor had fun, 13775349_10154265101061668_1231669815891151253_nmaybe a bit too much fun!13713435_10153988588668725_1839163458_nMister Leisenheimer!!!!  Impostor is intoxicated with wine and your ear-fetish!

And when it was time for the Class photo …IMG_2848 Impostor snuck in there!!!! LOL! IMG_2852May’s comment: 30 years since graduating from Business School, we had our second class reunion (the first was at 25th) – and 58 from a class of 120 turned up in Charleston, SC.

Though we came from diverse backgrounds and far away places (almost a third of the class came from Rest of World) the two year experience we shared at the University of South Carolina for our International MBA broke down barriers and bonded us with memories.

Our reunion was purposefully not a formal occasion but one which allowed us to mix and mingle, to hear about each other’s life stories and just catching up.  A lot of us have gone down paths we never imagined. But we never forgot the friendship.  And we never talk about our “achievements” nor what titles we have – just simply us, just 30 years later.

Some of them I have not seen since graduation 30 years ago, others have kept in touch throughout all these years.  I am sure as individuals, each are responsible adults who have families, etc, etc. but when you put the group together, something awakens in us. IMG_2854The youth we have left behind, the memories of “Yesterday” and the craziness of an intense two years – all comes rushing back. We may be older in age and more experienced but we have never forgotten the craziness that kept us all together.IMG_2857Thank you for the memories. Until the next reunion – 2021!

Auf Wiedersehen, Adiós, Au Renoir, Tchau, Ciao, Sayonara, Wadaeaan, Vaarwel, Sudie!

And thank you for accepting Impostor as a part of the group! 🙂

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