One last run …

Our last full day at House of MuttIMG_4033Our last big walk …IMG_4027 (1)It was hot out so we kept to the wooded areas IMG_4025 And running in the shade helpsIMG_4041Well, almost everyoneIMG_3941 (1)And then they put this contraption on me (a camera)  … what?!?!?!IMG_3949I refused to run. I sat firmly on the ground and followed Sarah closely – until they took it off me.

And immediately I scampered away and ran and played!IMG_3924I don’t like being behind the camera. I’m used to being in front of the camera.

But alas, it was so hot, we all decided to go into the mud puddle!!!!IMG_4039 (1)Hooray!IMG_3920 (1)Now that was refreshing!

Tomorrow – we’ll be back in the city. Mummy and Impostor are home. Wonder what she brought us this time.

May’s comment: Well, I am not sure I want you guys back after your mud bath!!!! And Miss D, you’ve just spoiled the chance for good video footage for our blog!!!

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  1. Jill Keiser

    Next week my husband and I are going to Ohio to see James Taylor in concert and then explore Dayton for a few days. Wish we had a “House of Mutt” where we could leave our three babies! All the photos confirm that Darcy and George enjoyed their stay while you were in Charleston!

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