“Hello Doggy” said Princess B.

We went to Colbert on Sloane Square for a drink and Princess Beatrice was sitting in the next booth. When she got up to leave, she saw me and said “hello doggy!”  Doggy!?!?!? Don’t I have a name?

Anyway, we were there to try out Colbert as a dog-friendly place.  I was allowed in the bar area where they serve food but not in the restaurant.  There are also tables outside – perfect on a nice day.

They brought me a bowl of “still” water immediately. This time I had my water on the table. Thank you!


At Colbert, Sloane Square

May’s comment: Another good find for doggy-friendly places to eat. Whilst we cannot sit in the restaurant area, the bar area has more ambience. The menu has a good range.  

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