Pretend P.A.T.

We had something very important to do yesterday.  Mummy took me to meet Ella while she’s at the Great Ormond Street Hospital recuperating.

As Ella lives in north England, she’s missing her own cockapoo, Daisy – so we went to cheer her up and to meet her mummy, Anna.IMG_6109

As I am not a P.A.T. dog, I couldn’t go inside the hospital – so Ella bravely “escaped” G.O.S.H. to meet me at the Tutti cafe nearby.IMG_6126But the meeting was too brief as Ella needed to go back to her room so she can rest.  We gave Ella a me “lookalike” to keep her company while she’s in the London hospital.

IMG_6115She and her mummy promised that the next time they come back to London, we will all meet at a park and go for walks and do fun things! Can’t wait.  Till then we hope you get better soon! IMG_6121

May’s comment: I wish I have the time (and patience) to take Darcy through her training to be a P.A.T. dog – it would be a nice way to give back what has become such a blessing in my life.

I am very proud of her – as she is amazing every time in situations when she needed to be calm – and it’s not just at airports.

We have been to visit our friend Sandrine several times when she was staying in a home – where they allow dogs.  Darcy is normally calm but her demeanour changed and she lowered her head and would be very still. I almost had to carry her from person to person – which was probably my way to make sure she was under control.

Will look into it. Being busy is not a good enough reason.


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  1. Alison Mullett

    What a lovely gesture. Well done Darcy and May. I think I might look into PAT dog training near to me for Ruby.

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