George’s squirrelling strategy

Whenever we’re at the parks, we have come to expect Georgie to run and run and run. Sunday was no different.  Run he did – very far.  Mummy has trained her eyes to follow him and it helped to put him in something bright for easier tracking.

But yesterday, after he had run in large circles, he ran back to an earlier part of the park when he stopped and sat very still under a big tree.

Mummy was tracking him, waiting for him to run on but he didn’t.
IMG_6052_2Curious as to this new behaviour, Mummy started towards him … IMG_6053_2 Expecting him to take off …IMG_6054_2 But he didn’tIMG_6055_2As she got closer, he actually turned and gave her this look while sitting perfectly still –
IMG_6057_2We figured he was surveying the land – watching intently where the squirrels were.  He had gone back to the place where he had seen quite a few of them earlier. Maybe he had come to realise it was a waste of energy to keep running endlessly looking for them. Instead, he thought it’s easier to sit and watch them scurry down trees and then go for the chase.

I think he learnt it from me – 🙂IMG_6060_2Clever little monkey!

IMG_6062_2May’s comment: It was unusual to see George sitting so still – for a good five minutes he sat. I thought he might have been hurt and not moving. But when I walked up to him he did not run away. Has he reached another level of understanding the world?

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