Welcome LYD!

This is LYD, otherwise known as Little Yellow Dog.Today he arrived in the post to visit with us for a little while.

Little Yellow Dog belongs to Ruby. It was and probably still is her favourite chewed up, much-loved, half a yellow doggy.But LYD decided to go travelling!  Maybe to get away from being chewed up more but definitely taking a breather. And a big breather he does as he has a big hole for a nose.


Or maybe he just got the travel bug.

We haven’t told LYD that we are about to embark on a journey on Wednesday – this will be his surprise.  Thank good ness he has a woolly sweater and a matching hat to take with him as it will still be cold in some of the places we will be travelling to.

May’s comment:  Darcy has now met Little Yellow Dog for the third time. The first time was at Gaucho Cockapoo Valentine’s Day and then recently at Crufts.  And today he arrived at our home! And our adventure begins!

It almost seems Darcy remember LYD. She looked at him, IMG_3817 … started licking him (not chewing!)IMG_3822 And gave him a little hug!!!IMG_3819

LYD belongs to a forum of cockapoo owners and Tracey, the origin of LYD.  The idea is when you receive yellow doggy, you take photos of it, tell stories about it’s adventures and post them on the I Love My Cockapoo forum. And after a few weeks, yellow doggy continues on its travels, unknown to most where he will end up next. 

This is what it originally looked like before it got mutilated!IMG_2982


  1. Tracey

    Oh miss darcy, you are so gentle and sweet with your little friend. I’m sure he will,appreciate your tenderness after some of the jaws he has been in!
    I’m sure LYD will have some marvellous adventures with you.
    We look forward to hearing and seeing more xx

  2. fairlie

    I think Darcy must be the most civilized dog to get LYD yet! Can’t wait to see where she’ll take him.

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