Hellos, Goodbyes and Hellos! (A Love So Pure)

Hello Victoria! Hello Stephen! We meet again.

Last Friday, upon our arrival, Victoria and Stephen had come to take me for the weekend while Mummy and Darcy journeyed on to Venice. Victoria had been preparing for my visit for months.

Goodbye Mummy! We’ll see you in a couple of days. I will enjoy being pampered. And you and Darcy have a good time, OK?Hello Mummy! You’re back and I’m back!I had an amazing time with Victoria. I learnt all about the grills on the streets of Milan. I was terrified of them.  But Victoria’s daddy taught me not to be afraid.

Did you have a good time in Venice? Did I miss your birthday? Happy belated birthday, Mummy!

And hello again, Victoria! You’ve come to say good-bye – because I heard we’re leaving Italy tomorrow …

I hope I will see you again soon.

May’s comment: It was all in the plan. I found it a bit overwhelming to take both dogs with me to Venice, especially George. I had asked if Victoria would dog sit him over the weekend – when my request was met with more than enthusiasm. She immediately started stocking up all things and getting her room ready for George to stay.

When the SNCF strike dates were announced – it happened at exactly the dates of our travel. The travel agent suggested maybe I should postpone my travel to which I replied, “I can’t change my birthday, for one and two, I cannot disappoint a little girl who had been waiting for months to have George.

Victoria met George when they lived in London and though they now live in Milan, she never forgot him. When they came to London to visit their horses earlier in the year, she wanted most of all to see George. Our journey to Venice via Milan gave them a chance to reunite. George is always beside himself with excitement when he sees Victoria and her daddy. She knows of many dogs but for Victoria, George is the best dog.  She may not be able to express why she loves George but her actions speak volumes.Her room has lots of photos of George, and of her and George. She spends her pocket money on catering to George’s comfort – for when he visits. She had invested in brushes, all sorts of different treats, bowls, an extendable lead, a blanket for him to sleep on, etc, etc. I gave her instructions on feeding George – 125gr of minced meat to be served with some finely diced carrots and six slices of bananas.  And she weighed the meat for every meal. She had diced up carrots and had them in a container. And she made sure that when her daddy was slicing up bananas, she made sure it was six slices and not eight!

She was very concerned about George’s fear of the grills on the streets. He didn’t like them. When her daddy pulled him forward teaching George to face his fears, Victoria was concerned about hurting him – and became upset when they pulled him forward.

On Sunday night Victoria stayed up till 22.00 to take him out for his last walk. Because the next morning she wouldn’t be able to as she had to leave for school. Came Monday morning, she was really upset when she said good bye.  Her father walked George back to us at the hotel. All the way on the school bus, she had her brother texting her father if George was ok walking across grills on the street.

This evening, the family came over to the hotel so Victoria could be sure George is ok and to say a final goodbye. The evening extended into dinner together under clear skies by the Duomo. And then a last walk home …I feel so proud of George that he can engage and love another as much as he does. And how lovely to see a little girl who loves him so much – just pure love. Feeling very lucky to know Victoria and we hope one day he will have her own dog.


  1. Julia

    What a lovely story and what a caring child Victoria is buying things for George. 🐾

  2. Cecilia

    What a caring and responsible child, she deserves to have her own dog!

  3. Alison Mullett

    George is so lucky to have such a wonderful friend! Victoria is such a kind and generous young lady. Her parents must be very proud of her.

  4. Elizabeth Burman

    What a lovely little girl to take such good care of George, they both look quite besotted with one another.❤️❤️

  5. Lucy Cronin

    What a wonderful story. George melts Victoria’s ❤️ & he melts mine!

  6. Margaret Danks

    I remember when you first posted about meeting Victoria. What a kind and generous young lady she is. 🐾❤️

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